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XXS Size Silk Heatless Curler with Satin Scrunchies Gold

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The XXS size (diameter 1.8 cm) is recommended

  - if you have medium length (shoulder area).

  – for long hair but you want smaller, tighter curls

  – your curls generally come out faster.

  – you have finer or softer hair texture.

Standard version  (2.3-2.5 cm)

   – suitable for shoulder length hair

   – for classic curls

  We guarantee that it is VERY COMFORTABLE to wear, even during sleep! Small and lightweight, our Curling Wand is perfect for the holidays!

Why Natural Silk? 💗 Well, because the Feverless product has revolutionized the idea of the traditional robe cord. The main problem with the robe cord, however, is that it will leave the hair looking matte, DRIES it out, and it increases breakage. Because it absorbs both the water and the oils that are naturally found in the hair, it being made of cotton or artificial fibers. That is precisely why for each of the curlers we sew, delicately, the natural silk on it.

Silk protein is an ingredient that contains 17 of the 19 amino acids that the hair contains, which means that the benefits of hair adornment are countless. The chemical composition of the silk protein is extremely similar to the proteins present in the skin and hair, which is why it is also known as the "second skin". Due to the molecular mass with a low content, silk protein has the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and hair, intensely hydrating and helping to form a protective layer, thus blocking water loss.


Step 1: Moisten your hair 2-10% (you'll know exactly how much, after a few attempts), (it doesn't have to be freshly washed hair, it can be hair washed for 2-3 days) ideally it would be moistened using a water bottle with a spray end to moisten it evenly

Step 2 : Add some hair mousse (optional)

Step 3: Fix the Heatless Curler with the clamp from the Kit.

Step 4: Wrap the hair around the Curling Wand as tightly as possible.

Step 5: Add some hairspray (optional)

Step 6: Place a bandana over the Curler before bed to help the hair stay still while you sleep. ( optional )

Step 7: Rest :)

Step 8: Enjoy your new curls.

Step 9: Take a selfie and tag us! @feverless_

Any concerns you may have, please contact us.

Each hair is different, different texture, with different behavior, you will have to find the right "recipe" for your hair, if it needs to be more or less wet, when you fix the Curler.

Once you find that perfect recipe, we're sure the Feverless Curler will become your new addiction. It works on absolutely any hair type, so we look forward to your feedback.

We would be very happy to receive a video or a picture of your result!

The FeverLess curling kit consists of:

- 1 hair curler made of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk size: diameter 2.5 cm length 80-85 cm, being sewn by hand, the dimensions may differ slightly from one product to another

- 2 satin scrunchies

- clamp (colour may differ from the one in the presentation photos)

The FeverLess hair curler is made of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk. We choose silk because there are dermatological studies that show that:

- does not maintain the presence of bacteria.

-absorbs less of the hair's natural water thus,

-does not dry it, because it does not absorb nutrients or existing water, naturally in the texture of the hair.

- Natural silk contains a protein very similar to the one existing in the hair, so it does not attack it in any way.

-fewer split or broken hairs

-Gives it shine over time, through contact with the hair.

- the hair will NOT become frizzy.

-hair will grow faster in length because of less split ends.


For optimal results, it is necessary to wear it for 5-8 hours for tighter curls, or 1-2 hours to build only loose waves, differences occur depending on the texture of the hair, for example, a drier or dyed hair, it it will curl faster.

The most comfortable, it will be worn during night sleep, so you will wake up with absolutely gorgeous curls without any effort, it is very comfortable, you will not feel any kind of discomfort because of it.

PREMIUM PACKAGING is standard included for all orders, ideal for giving as a gift, (in this version, please mention in a note when completing the order, and we will send you the invoice by email and not in the package). Instructions for use are also included in the package.

Care: Hand wash in warm water, with detergent for delicate clothes, do not twist, do not rub aggressively. After most of the water is drained, it is left to dry out of direct sunlight, without placing it on a direct heat source.