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Natural Silk Ribbon 4 cm

99,00 lei
Taxes included.

The Mulberry Natural Silk Ribbon is a Must-Have Accessory of the moment, whether you choose to...

    • wear it in your hair, simply, for a chic look, or

    • attach it to one of our natural silk elastics in the same color, or

    • mix and match colors for an extra touch of uniqueness!

    • wrap it around the handles of your favorite handbag

    • wrap it around the chain of your favorite handbag :)

    • wear it around your neck, with or without a bow

    • choose two ribbons, to tie them over the elastic or attached to the matching color natural silk elastic, schoolgirl style, two pigtails with a middle part or on the side, a different style every day!

It is adorned with a small gold coin featuring the brand's logo at one end.

Dimensions: 112 cm length / 4 cm width