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Short "Baby Doll" Non-Crease Taffeta Dress BLACK

397,00 lei 470,00 lei
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The Baby Doll dress is made of "non-crease" taffeta, meaning the texture of the fabric is like crepe but with the structure, firmness, and density of taffeta fabric.

Very easy to adjust the length if necessary.

It is an absolutely special material that DOES NOT WRINKLE, making this dress the ideal solution for vacations.

It comes with two cords in colors of your choice.

It can be worn in its simple, relaxed version without the cord, or with 1 cord fastened around the shoulder, or if waist emphasis is desired, the cord can be tied around the waist.

The dress pattern is very permissive and will fit any silhouette, but we invite you to choose the standard size you usually wear.

The first size exchange is free, and returns are also free.