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Short A-line Taffeta Dress White

297,00 lei 370,00 lei
Taxes included.

The A-line dress is made of premium, semi-matte elastic taffeta.

Very easy to adjust the length if necessary.

The first size exchange is free.

The sizes are in accordance with the European Standard.


Permissive waist due to the A-line cut.

XS: Bust 84-88 cm, Hips 90-100 cm

S: Bust 88-90 cm, Hips 100-104 cm

M: Bust 90-92 cm, Hips 104-108 cm

L: Bust 92-94 cm, Hips 108-112 cm

Hidden zipper, SBS brand.

We designed this dress to be worn:

• as it is, in the "A-line" cut
• with 1 belt fastened around the shoulder
• with 2 belts fastened around the shoulders to create two bows on each shoulder
• or cinched at the waist with the belt

...becoming a different dress each time.

It will be shipped with two belts in different or identical colors of your choice.

The belt can be placed around the shoulder, not used at all, or around the waist. Two identical belts can be purchased to create two bows on each shoulder.


96% polyester

4% Spandex