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Everyday Hair & Skin SET - 3 Scrunchies + 1 Logo FeverLess Pillowcase in Natural Mulberry Silk - Gold

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Pillowcase Size: 50 cm X 70 cm

Composition: 100% Natural Mulberry Silk

Set includes:

-3 hair elastics made of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk (colors of your choice)

-1 Pillowcase made of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk (color of your choice)

Please specify the desired colors in a note at the end of the order, or via WhatsApp at 0730334403. Without this note, we will ship the colors as seen in the picture.

The pillowcase in the set cannot be personalized.

FeverLess elastics are made of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk, which will take care of and hydrate your hair where it comes into contact, eliminating the problem of broken or dehydrated hair that can occur with common elastics that apply some aggression, leading to hair breakage.

You can use them daily to tie your hair, or as trendy fashion bracelets, matching your outfit.

1 Pillowcase 100% Natural Mulberry Silk

Size: 50 cm X 70 cm

Composition: 100% Natural Mulberry Silk.

For personalization, please contact us at 0730334403.

We dedicate a precious part of our time to sleep, so it's worth enjoying the ideal rest. Graceful, light, and velvety touches, all possible with natural Mulberry silk.

Natural silk is a true kaleidoscope of benefits, not only for sleep quality but also for anti-aging and anti-breakage effects.


You'll indulge in your nights, even the warmest ones, because silk is a cool, light, and flowing material that absorbs body temperature and adjusts it optimally.

In the fast-paced beauty era, it's important to be mindful of the materials used during sleep.

No matter how much we try to describe in words or pictures the experience offered, it is insignificant compared to what this product actually provides.


Silk helps prevent wrinkles because it won't dry your skin and won't absorb the natural moisture in your skin.

Also, it doesn't absorb the creams and treatments you apply that are meant to take effect during the night. Let's not forget, of course, the skin regeneration that takes place during your sleep, in which natural silk, being a protein fiber, contributes.

Natural silk is a good friend of your hair and lashes. It gives them vitality, contributes to a shiny and healthy appearance, and greatly reduces their breakage.

Feel fully happy and give yourself the sleep you truly deserve with FeverLess natural silk pillowcases.


Silk pillowcases can be machine washed at 30 degrees on a delicate cycle, in a delicate laundry bag (preferably), using a delicate laundry detergent, without spinning.

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