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Set Satin Wave Long Robe + Open Back Red Dress Set

477,00 lei 520,00 lei
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The Wave Set consists of:

• Long Robe - length 160 cm

• Open Back Dress with adjustable straps in the same color

They are made from Premium Satin, Silk Touch, so we are sure you will love the way you feel when you wear them, no matter the occasion.

The Wave Robe can be worn as part of a home outfit or a street outfit, or paired with other Wave collection products available in our store, made from the same material.

The robe is equipped with interior strings for fastening when you want to wear it closed.

The Wave Dress, with its versatile cut, is very adaptable.

You can wear it:

• with a pair of sandals, with or without heels

• with rock boots and a string of pearls

• with over-the-knee boots or clogs

Your imagination will offer you multiple variations in which it will become a successful centerpiece.

The dress straps are adjustable, so it will fit any waist.

We hope that quality and attention to detail have already become part of the Feverless brand's description.

• Premium gift packaging.

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BUST 70-90 cm

WAIST 70-80 cm

HIPS 80-100 cm

M/ L

BUST 90-110 cm

WAIST 80-90 cm

HIPS 100-120 cm


BUST 110-120 cm

WAIST 90-100 cm

HIPS 120-130 cm


96% polyester

4% Spandex