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Set Satin Wave Set - Long Top with Baby Pink Long Pants

289,00 lei 330,00 lei
Taxes included.

The Wave set is made from Premium Satin, Silk Touch, so we are sure you will love the way you feel when you wear it, no matter the occasion.

The Wave Top can be used both as part of a home outfit and as part of a street outfit, along with the Wave Pants made from the same material.

The straps of the Top are adjustable, so it will fit any waist size.

• Premium gift packaging.



BUST 70-90 cm

WAIST 70-80 cm

HIPS 80-100 cm


BUST 90-110 cm

WAIST 80-90 cm

HIPS 100-120 cm


BUST 110-120 cm

WAIST 90-100 cm

HIPS 120-130 cm